Cost-effective Solutions

Say goodbye to extended time-to-hire and expensive per-job placement fees. Our expert recruiters and advanced digital marketing tools can source qualified candidates within the week.

Our Methodology

High-level process on how Mindfield solves talent acquisition’s team toughest staffing and recruitment challenges.

New age HR and Digital Marketing Tech Stack

Combining the best of digital marketing with programmatic advertising, SMS-based technology, and our multi-channel sourcing strategy; we’ve developed deep playbooks and recruitment strategies that have helped our clients source over 130,000 hires. Clients use us to hire candidates that Indeed and traditional recruitment agencies can’t find. We can source your best candidates wherever they are.

Expert recruiters combined with state-of-the-art screening tools

Unlike traditional recruitment solutions relying solely on AI screening tools, our recruiters go above and beyond to complete in-depth competency based assessments. Within minutes, our recruiters can speak to 50-100 candidates, ensuring the best time-to-hire and quality of candidates.

Every client is assigned a dedicated recruiter

Depending on your needs, you will have one or multiple dedicated recruiters to work with your talent acquisition team. We take care of job descriptions, screening, sourcing, interviews, and interview scheduling.

How We Stand Out

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Industry experience with 4M Job Seeker Database

With 20 years of experience as an outsourced recruitment provider, we’ve seen it all. We’re constantly innovating and improving our recruitment processes with clients and industry experts. To date, we’ve filled over 130,000 hires across 130 North American cities and have a 4,000,000 persons job seeker database.

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Pricing value is unmatched

We pride ourselves on providing excellent value to talent acquisition teams. Unlike traditional solutions charging per-placement fees or paying for a full salary talent acquisition team; we can scale up or down based on your needs. Pay a monthly flat fee for all your recruitment needs or purchase job packs and use as you need.

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Track record of solving “hard-to-fill” roles

We’ve helped clients across Light Industrial, Transport, Manufacturing, and more; solve their toughest recruitment challenges. This includes sourcing 100s of grocery clerks in remote locations, and sourcing candidates with specific skills (engineers, aircraft technicians).

Our Solutions

Ongoing Recruitment RPO

For organizations seeking long-term support and strategic partnership. Our ongoing Recruiting solutions provide comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing tailored to your business needs.

Full Outsourcing Solution: Outsource your recruitment needs so you can focus on your core business. Suitable for small (75 employees), medium, and enterprise-level businesses.

Team Augmentation: Augment your team with Mindfield resources on an ongoing basis.

Talent Pipelining: Proactive sourcing and pipeline development for clients with specific recruiting needs.

Pricing; Flat monthly fee


Looking for flexibility and scalability in your recruitment process? Our Recruiting On-Demand solutions offer the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency. Save 75% of the cost of using a traditional staffing agency.

Job Package Solution: Purchase a pack of 10 jobs upfront and utilize them as needed.

Team Augmentation: Augment your team on a month-by-month basis during peak seasons.

Pricing; Flat monthly fee or by job packs

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Give us 3 non-management roles you’re having a hard time filling, and we’ll deliver 3 candidates within the week.

Industries We Serve

With Mindfield, you get recruitment solutions that are cost-effective and designed to meet your unique recruitment needs by paying for the services you need when you need them.

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Light Industrial

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Light Industrial

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Transport & Logistics

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A blue icon of stacked coins with a dollar sign on the front coin, symbolizing financial solutions.

Finance and Banking

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Legal Services

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And More

What our clients are saying


Staffing agencies focus primarily on finding candidates for a specific role based on the job description provided by the company. It is usually more transactional and reactive than RPOs. RPOs integrate with the company and provide end-to-end recruitment. Think of staffing agencies as one-and-done. Learn more here:  Unlocking High Volume Hiring with RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
Enhanced quality of hire, access to best-in-class technology without paying software costs, cost-savings, specialized experience, flexibility and scalability. Learn more here: Unlocking High Volume Hiring with RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
  • Difficulty in sourcing niche or specialized talent.
  • Lack of internal resources, processes, or technology hindering effective hiring.
  • Prolonged hiring timelines.
  • Fluctuating recruiting demands require flexibility and scalability.
  • Unsustainability of per-placement fees or expanding internal teams.

Depending on the type of jobs you need to hire; yes. For companies needing ongoing recruitment of the same job categories, RPOs are typically cheaper than per-placement staffing agencies. This is the same for organizations hiring skilled talent, or tough-to-fill roles with niche experience (ex: vets, 3M engineers, train conductors).

Need hyper specific jobs? Have open roles that feel impossible to staff?

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Give us 3 non-management roles that you’re having a hard time staffing, and our team of expert recruiters will deliver 3 candidates in a week.

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