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Can RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) be a Game-Changer for your Hiring Team?

Receive a consistent talent pipeline for your most challenging roles.

Mindfield specializes in solving your toughest recruitment problems. Whether you need skilled talent sourcing and staffing or recurring hyper-specific roles, our recruiters can find these candidates.

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Our industry-leading approach uses new age HR tech with an instantaneous human process

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As your RPO (outsourced or extended recruitment team), we handle the entire recruitment process from sourcing to hiring. Need a consistent category of jobs filled on an ongoing basis? Our team can deliver so you can focus on running your core business. Here’s how:

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SMS-based Technology

Combined with programmatic advertising, we use SMS to engage qualified candidates quickly. Within minutes, our recruiters can talk to 50-100 candidates.

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Industry Experience

Our team has over 20 years of experience helping teams solve their toughest recruitment challenges whether that is in skilled talent or high-volume. Think aircraft technicians, healthcare practitioners, or retail locations needing candidates to relocate.

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Programmatic Advertising

We use strategic programmatic advertising to constantly source and fill candidates for our clients. Not only can we fill roles for today, we can proactively source candidates for the next 3-12 months.

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Instantaneous human screening process

Now that we have a talent pool, our recruiters personally conduct in-depth competency assessments. Unlike traditional recruitment solutions, Mindfield takes the extra step to go beyond automated screening. This ensures a quicker time-to-hire and a higher quality of candidates.

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4M Job Seeker Database

With Mindfield, you’ll also have access to our engaged job seeker database. Between our new age process, industry experience, and job seeker database, our team can help you staff the candidates you need.

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Explore our comprehensive staffing solutions

At Mindfield, we understand the complexities of modern recruitment and offer tailored solutions to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you’re looking for on-demand support during peak seasons or seeking a long-term partner to manage your entire recruitment process, we’ve got you covered.

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Ongoing Recruiting (RPO)

With Mindfield, you’ll also have access to our engaged job seeker database. Between our new age process, industry experience, and job seeker database, our team can help you staff the candidates you need.

Full Outsourcing Solution:

Tailored solutions for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses, providing comprehensive recruitment process outsourcing. Learn more

Team Augmentation:

Augment your team with Mindfield resources on an ongoing basis. Learn more

Talent Pipelining:

Proactive sourcing and pipeline development for clients with specific recruiting needs. Learn More

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Recruiting on Demand

Looking for flexibility and scalability in your recruitment process? Our Recruiting On-Demand solutions offer the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency.

Job Package Solution:

Purchase a pack of 10 jobs upfront and utilize them as needed. Learn more

Team Augmentation:

Augment your team on a month-by-month basis during peak seasons. Learn more

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