Revolutionizing Recruitment: How Mindfield Overcame Hiring Challenges for Compass Group

Overview of the Challenge:
Compass Group, a global foodservice and facilities management company, faced several challenges when it came to hiring for their location on the outskirts of town. The site had no public transit, extensive background and security checks were required, and there was a tight 2-week timeline for offer, paperwork, and candidate ID requirements. The location offered minimum wage jobs and operated 24/7, which made it difficult to find the right candidates quickly.

Adding to the challenge, Compass Group’s internal TA team of 25+ recruiters was focused on other key hires, corporate, and executive positions. This left operations and restaurants running with minimal staff and a need to ramp up to full-service in quick timelines.

Mindfield’s Solution:
Mindfield developed and executed innovative sourcing strategies to address the challenges Compass Group was facing. They also provided extra incentives to drive candidate engagement and commitment to the interview process. Candidate surveys were implemented to gather feedback and insights for continuous improvement.

Through Mindfield’s solution, Compass Group was able to hire 20 candidates within the given timeline. The innovative sourcing strategies and incentives drove high candidate engagement, and the surveys provided valuable feedback for the recruitment process. Compass Group was able to quickly ramp up their operations and restaurants with a full-service team, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

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