Mindfield Helps National Electronics Retailer Hire Seasonal Employees in Challenging Locations

The Source, a leading national electronics retailer, faced significant staffing challenges during peak seasons. Their existing Talent Acquisition (TA) team was overwhelmed, and they lacked the bandwidth to handle the high volume of hires needed. They needed a recruitment partner who could help them source and screen quality candidates quickly and efficiently.

Pain Points:
The Source’s existing TA team was struggling to manage both the seasonal hiring needs and the on-going HR functions. The client needed a recruitment partner who could step in and manage the seasonal hiring process while allowing their existing TA team to focus on the other HR functions. Additionally, the client needed to hire a high volume of seasonal employees quickly, which added to the challenge.

Mindfield proposed a comprehensive recruitment solution that leveraged our expertise and relationships with regional leaders to help source and screen quality candidates quickly and efficiently. Our approach involved developing relationships aligned to regions, with our team of dedicated recruiters acting as a sourcing engine.

Our team of experienced recruiters used our extensive database of candidates, job boards, and social media to identify and attract quality candidates. Once we sourced the candidates, our TA team managed the post-interview process, including onboarding, ensuring a seamless and efficient hiring process.

Our recruitment solution enabled The Source to hire 42 seasonal employees within a short period. Our collaboration helped to alleviate the pressure on their existing TA team and allowed them to focus on other critical HR functions. Our tailored approach to recruitment helped the client meet their seasonal staffing needs without compromising on the quality of hires.
The client was delighted with the quality of candidates we sourced and the speed and efficiency of the recruitment process. Our dedicated recruiters acted as an extension of their team, providing personalized recruitment services and ensuring a seamless hiring process.

At Mindfield, we understand the challenges that seasonal hiring can pose for organizations. Our tailored recruitment solutions are designed to address our client’s unique needs, regardless of industry or location. Our collaboration with The Source enabled them to meet their seasonal staffing needs quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on other critical HR functions.

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