Mindfield Helps Leading Sheet Metal Manufacturer Hire 147 Production Workers Across Canada

A leading Canadian sheet metal manufacturer approached Mindfield for assistance with filling multiple production worker positions across various locations in Canada. The client was a leader in the distribution of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), and related products. They required help with an urgent staffing requirement within a short timeline. Additionally, their newly formed HR team couldn’t handle the volume of hires, and they were struggling to find quality local applicants in hard-to-fill locations.

Mindfield’s team of recruitment experts began working closely with the client to understand their requirements and develop a customized recruitment strategy to address their staffing needs. We encountered several challenges along the way, including:

  1. Urgent Staffing: The client required immediate staffing for multiple production worker positions, which meant that we had to work quickly to source and screen candidates.
  2. Newly Formed HR Team: The client’s newly formed HR team had limited recruitment experience, which made it challenging for them to manage the volume of hires.
  3. Hard-to-Fill Locations: Some of the client’s locations were in hard-to-fill areas, which made it difficult to find quality local applicants.

Our Solution:
At Mindfield, we recognized the challenges of recruiting for hard-to-fill positions and the importance of working quickly to meet urgent staffing needs. To address the client’s challenges, we proposed a customized recruitment solution that included:

  1. Targeted Job Advertising: We used targeted job advertisements to attract a pool of potential candidates with the desired skills and experience.
  2. Advanced Screening Process: Our recruitment team screened candidates through a detailed resume review, skills assessment, and behavioral interview. We also used psychometric tests to measure cognitive ability, personality traits, and emotional intelligence to ensure that candidates were an excellent fit for the client’s culture and job requirements.
  3. Candidate Management: We provided ongoing support and coaching to ensure that the candidates were successfully integrated into their new roles.

Our customized recruitment solution enabled the client to fill 147 production worker positions across various locations in Canada within a short timeline. We achieved a high success rate in filling hard-to-fill locations, and the client was pleased with the quality of candidates we sourced. Our approach also helped to reduce the burden on the client’s HR team and allowed them to focus on other critical tasks.

Overall, Mindfield’s tailored recruitment solution enabled the client to meet their urgent staffing needs and helped them to build a strong and capable workforce. We are proud to have played a significant role in their success, and we remain committed to delivering customized recruitment solutions to our clients.

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