Mindfield Helps Leading Canadian Retailer Hire 140 Contact Centre Representatives with a 103% Success Rate

The retail industry in Canada experiences a surge in customer inquiries and support needs during the holiday season. As a result, Mindfield was approached by one of the leading Canadian retailers to help them hire 140 contact centre representatives across six different job titles in their multiple call centre locations. The client was looking for a recruitment partner who could take over the entire recruitment process and make their seasonal hiring less demanding on their managers.

Our Solution:
At Mindfield, we understand the challenges of seasonal hiring and the impact it can have on an organization’s resources. Therefore, we proposed a comprehensive recruitment solution that would help the client achieve their seasonal hiring goals with minimal impact on their existing workforce. Our solution consisted of three key components.

  1. Recruitment Strategy: We began by developing a recruitment strategy that included a comprehensive job analysis, targeted job advertisements, and a well-structured recruitment process that streamlined the hiring of multiple candidates across multiple locations.
  2. Candidate Sourcing: To fulfill the client’s hiring needs, we adopted a multi-channel candidate sourcing strategy that included job board postings, social media outreach, and database mining. We posted job listings on various job boards that were frequented by candidates with the desired skill sets and experience. We also leveraged social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to reach out to potential candidates and promote job openings. Additionally, we mined our existing database of candidates to identify those who had previously expressed interest in similar roles and had the desired qualifications.
  3. Applicant Screening: Our experienced recruitment team screened applicants through an advanced screening process that included a detailed resume review, skills assessment, and a behavioral interview. We also utilized psychometric tests to measure cognitive ability, personality traits, and emotional intelligence to ensure that we only presented candidates who were an excellent fit for the client’s culture and job requirements.

Our comprehensive recruitment solution enabled the client to achieve their seasonal hiring goals with minimal impact on their existing workforce. The results of our collaboration were outstanding, with a 103% success rate in seasonal hiring in 2021. The time-to-hire was significantly reduced across multiple store locations, and there was minimal seasonal hiring push on store managers.

The client was extremely pleased with our recruitment solution and the results it achieved. We are proud to have played a significant role in helping the client maintain their high level of customer service during the holiday season while reducing the burden on their managers. At Mindfield, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their recruitment goals through innovative and tailored recruitment solutions.

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