Actionable Hiring Part 2: Creating A Responsive Talent Pool

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Actionable Hiring Part 2: Creating A Responsive Talent Pool

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Cameron Laker


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Welcome to Part 2 of our Actionable Hiring blog series. In Part 1, we’ve previously discussed practical strategies to optimize the recruitment funnel.

These include:

  • Auditing the recruitment process
  • Apply quick fixes to job descriptions
  • Adopt and/or combine screening tools with an instantaneous human assessment

Now, we’ll dive into creating a responsive talent pool. Whether you need 10, 50, or 1,000 hires, these strategies work for any employer in high-volume or skilled recruitment.

Let’s get started.

Maintaining a Responsive Talent Pool is a Necessity

Building and maintaining a responsive talent pool is not just a strategic advantage—it’s a necessity. This is especially true with a shortage of skilled workers across multiple sectors like manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and trades.

Step 1: What It Means to Build A Talent Pool

A proactive approach to building a talent pool begins long before a job opening arises. It involves actively cultivating relationships with potential candidates, even when there are no immediate vacancies. According to industry reports, organizations that maintain a talent pool experience a 36% reduction in time-to-fill roles, highlighting the importance of this proactive strategy.

To start building your talent pool, leverage various channels such as social media platforms, professional networks, and industry-specific forums to connect with potential candidates. Engage with passive candidates through personalized messages that highlight your company’s culture and potential career opportunities. By casting a wide net and fostering genuine connections, you can establish a robust talent pipeline to draw from when hiring needs arise.

Real-world Example: Use AI and an instant human process for sourcing

Al tools can help you source candidates from databases and online platforms more efficiently than manual searches. These tools can also help in creating a more diverse candidate pool by reducing unconscious biases.

Identify Al sourcing tools that specialize in your industry or the roles you most frequently fill. Many of these tools offer trial periods-use these to test their effectiveness in your specific context. Implement the tools that significantly reduce sourcing time while bringing in high-quality candidates, and integrate them with your ATS for a seamless workflow.

At Mindfield, since we are an outsourced recruitment team for multiple clients, it’s critical our own tech stack has to be cost-effective, highly efficient, and work for a number of hiring teams. We use new age tech like: talent CRMs, programmatic advertising for sourcing, and SMS-based technology for screening and candidate engagement.

Once a candidate enters our ATS or fills out an application, our recruiters are immediately on the phone with them to complete a qualitative screening.

Step 2: Engage Regularly

Once more candidates join your talent pool, consistent engagement is key to keeping your candidates warm and engaged. Regularly share company news, industry insights, and open positions to maintain ongoing communication with potential candidates. Automation tools like CRM platforms can streamline this process, allowing you to nurture relationships with minimal manual effort.

Segment your talent pool based on factors like skills, experience, and interests to ensure targeted communication that resonates with recipients. By delivering relevant content tailored to their needs, you can keep potential candidates engaged and primed for future opportunities within your organization.

Step 3: Mobilizing Quickly

When the time comes to fill a role, having a responsive talent pool at your disposal can significantly expedite the hiring process. By leveraging the relationships you’ve cultivated, you can quickly identify and reach out to qualified candidates who match the job requirements.

Personalized outreach is crucial during this stage, as it demonstrates genuine interest and appreciation for the candidate’s potential fit within your organization. By highlighting the value proposition of the role and making the application process seamless, you can encourage swift responses and expedite the hiring process.

Real-world Example: What Responsiveness Can Look Like

At Mindfield, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of a responsive talent pool on recruitment efficiency. By implementing a multi-channel sourcing strategy and leveraging automation tools for candidate engagement, we’ve been able to maintain an active talent pool of over four million candidates. This approach has enabled us to achieve a time-to-fill of 10-14 days for our clients, with only 7-10 days needed to submit candidates—a testament to the power of proactive talent acquisition.

It may sound difficult to achieve, but it’s completely possible if you commit to the fundamentals mentioned above and slowly build on it.

Here’s a high-level overview of how Mindfield created a responsive talent pool.

• Multi-channel candidate sourcing strategy that includes all common job board postings, and industry-specific job boards that qualified candidates frequently visit
• Social media communication strategy with candidates on LinkedIn, Meta, and SMS
• Instant response times with a mix of automation and manual personalization by recruiters
(candidates appreciate this a lot!)
• Easy-to-apply desktop and mobile job sites catered to a variety of job seekers and industries.

Next Steps

Creating a responsive talent pool is not just about filling roles—it’s about building lasting relationships with potential candidates and positioning your organization as an employer of choice. By adopting proactive strategies to attract, engage, and mobilize talent, you can streamline your recruitment process and gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced job market. 

Ready to elevate your talent acquisition game? Download the full “Actionable Hiring: Quick Wins for High-Volume Recruitment” guide  to access comprehensive strategies and expert insights.

About Cameron Laker and Mindfield:

We offer streamlined and effective recruiting solutions that alleviate the recruitment burden from hiring managers, leading to consistent, high-quality hires and allowing managers to focus on their primary business operations.

Connect with Co-Founder Cameron Laker on Linkedin for quick tips and how-to’s or sign up to The Hourly Minute for more in-depth discussion.

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