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Why Choose Mindfield for Your Recruitment Needs?

At Mindfield, we understand that hiring the right people is crucial to the success of your business. We specialize in providing
recruitment solutions that help companies find the right talent quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.


Unmatched Sourcing

At Mindfield, we have unmatched sourcing capabilities that allow us to find the right candidates for your open positions.


Unlimited Scale to Support Your Hiring Peaks and Valleys

At Mindfield, we provide recruitment solutions that can be scaled to meet your changing recruitment needs.


Avoid the fixed costs associated with hiring a large in-house recruitment team

At Mindfield, we provide recruitment solutions at a variable cost, meaning you only pay for the services you need when you need them.

The Mindfield Process

At Mindfield, we have a proven process that is designed to deliver results. Our process is built on a foundation of collaboration, 
transparency and quality and is tailored to the specific needs of each client.

At Mindfield, we understand the importance of recruitment in driving business success. We are committed to delivering customized and innovative recruitment solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Customer Service & Sales

  • Customer Service Reps
  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Help Desk Support
  • Cashier
  • Sales Associate
  • E-Commerce Associate
  • Stock Clerk
  • Barista/Server
  • Food Server Worker

Light Industrial

  • General Labourer
  • Warehouse Associate
  • Forklift Operator
  • Shipper/Receiver
  • Production Worker
  • Assembly Worker
  • Warehouse Supervisor

Support Roles

  • Housekeeper
  • Security Guard
  • Janitor
  • Delivery Driver
  • Administrative assistant
  • Data entry

Employer Case Studies

Employer Blog

5 Creative Ways to Source Top Talent for Your Company

Hiring the right talent is a key driver for the success of any business. However, finding the right candidates can be a daunting task, especially in today’s competitive job market. Traditional methods of sourcing talent, such as job boards and referrals, may not always yield the best results. Here are five creative ways to source top talent for your company:

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The Dos and Don’ts of Reference Checking

When it comes to making a hiring decision, reference checks can play a critical role in determining the suitability of a candidate for the role. However, not all reference checks are created equal. In this blog post, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of reference checking to ensure that you get the most out of this important step in the hiring process.

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How to Write Job Descriptions that Attract Top Candidates

In today’s competitive job market, it’s crucial for companies to attract top talent by crafting job descriptions that accurately represent the role and speak to the right candidates. A poorly written job description can turn off potential candidates and lead to a limited pool of applicants. Here are some tips for writing job descriptions that attract top talent:

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